A beautiful oriental tale conquers Astana "Cranes" congratulated the capital of Kazakhstan on the anniversary of a bright extravaganza based on the ancient legend

The magnificent theater and circus show was created by the Theater of Sports "Cranes" especially for the anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan

“Alpamys” is an amazing theatrical-circus extravaganza telling about the legendary past of a great people and a beautiful ancient city.

The magic legend, which goes back to the most ancient and mysterious pages of the Kazakh history, takes place on the streets and squares of the ancient city of Bozok, which today has become known to the whole world as the new capital of Kazakhstan - Astana.

Throughout the summer, the performance was held with unchanged success on the territory of the National cultural centre, where a unique concert hall, designed according to the latest show equipment, was built specifically for the show.

On the stage, equipped with controlled fountains, pyrotechnics and a unique panoramic screen, viewers saw the dashing competitions of young brave men, and the enchanting dances of elegant beauties, and the fierce battles of heroes with terrible ancient demons.

But the apogee of the performance, of course, was the triumph of true love and a great sparkling feast, crowning the eternal victory of good over evil.

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