About theater

A great sport and a performing art originated in the common cradle of Antiquity. It is known that in 776 BC, competed in the Olympic Games is not only the athletes: the artists exhibited paintings to the audience and writers read aloud their works.

Centuries went by, during which the two spheres of human perfection moved by their own orbits. Paths crossed them infrequently and today close relationship does not seem so natural and harmonious. In fact, that can vary greatly in its very essence, than subordinate finely calibrated piece of the storyline and unpredictable finale sports battles?

However, to make the next round, the progress of humanity once again brings us face-to-distant origins, giving the opportunity to create a new Theater for the new Viewer, in which dramatic dynamics of sport connect with high aesthetics acting and directing mastery.

Theatre of Sports Cranes was created as a direct continuation of the alloy quest of spiritual and physical harmony, started geniuses performing arts for many centuries ago. Its roots - in the "Aesthetic gymnastics" by Francois Delsarte, in "Dance Gymnastics" by George Demin and "Biomechanics" by Vsevolod Meyerhold.

The creators of the new Theater set ourselves challenging but extremely interesting task: to link together the dynamics and unpredictability of sporting battles with the harmony and aesthetics of high choreographic art. That is why the main protagonist on the stage was the Athlete who personifies a harmonious fusion of Sportsmen and Actor.

Theatre of Sports Cranes was founded in Moscow in 2010, but in fact his story much longer. It has evolved throughout the career of its founders, and has more than a dozen years. The idea of the Theater is literally flew in the air in 1985, when the famous acrobatic performance with the same name was created. The basis of the repertoire of the theater began staging elements created by The Flying Cranes Company for Cirque du Soleil, Field Entertainment and other highest level gymnastic shows.