Theater of Sports

Perfection acting plus the dramatic battles of sports - that's a recipe of spiritual and physical harmony, which we create. The performances of the Theater of Sports Cranes from the first minutes to conquer the amazing combination of acrobatics, dance and circus combined with gripping storyline
Selected projects:
Born in the cradle of the Antiquity, sport and the arts have long been separated, but there is nothing more natural and harmonious than merging them into a single creation
Unbelievable acrobatics! History of Theatre of Sports Cranes has more than a dozen years. The basis of its unique scenography incorporated elements staged by the company The Flying Cranes commissioned by Cirque du Soleil, Field Entertainment and other highest world level gymnastic show
Theatre of Sports Cranes dates back to the "Aesthetic gymnastics" by François Delsarte, "Dance Gymnastics" by Georges Demeny and "Biomechanics" by Vsevolod Meyerhold